Becoming an Entrepreneur: An Inside Look at Innovation

It is said that entrepreneurs can see a need before people even have it on their radar. Entrepreneurship is also the story of success and failure. In this course, you will learn what goes into launching a business. You will identify your target customers, create a story for your product, write a business pitch, and practice leadership behaviors that can inspire a team, prove out ideas, and test your brand concept. If you want to know how to take an idea all the way through to an on-the-shelf product or service, this course is for you.

Program Dates

Choose the course length that works for you: 1-week intensives, 2-week sessions, and 4-week sessions


For students ages 13 and up



Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur

Learn the History and Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

Explore questions such as: What is an entrepreneur? How do they find solutions to problems? How does an entrepreneur identify a need in the market?

Discover How to Gain Support for Your Business Through Networking.

How do entrepreneurs find partners, backers, and customers? Explore networking techniques to build your support team and gain exposure. Learn about types of financing and financial tools.

Explore Success, Failure, and Innovation.

Understand what it means to “fail forward.” When an idea fails, how does a business reinvent itself? Learn how companies pivot and innovate to meet customer needs.

Discover the Different Types of Business Models.

IIdentify different types of businesses, like non or for-profit. Learn the tools to help you define and build your business. Identify the components of your business.

Practice the Art of the Business Pitch.

Formulate a launch plan for your business. Using insights gained from researching the market and the target customer, discuss why the world needs your product or service.

Explore College Majors and Future Careers.

This course provides a good background for potential college majors and career paths related to entrepreneurial businesses—whether in consumer products, electronics, technology, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

How You Will Benefit

  • Gain the foundational knowledge and explore the history of entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to identify a need in the marketplace. 
  • Discover what it means to “fail forward” by adapting to market changes.
  • Develop a fluency in thinking and speaking about how businesses work.
  • Learn how to build partnerships and funding sources through networking.
  • Develop a timeline and plan to launch your business.
  • Determine if entrepreneurship is something you’d like to pursue in college and beyond.

Student completing Georgetown's entrepreneurship course on a laptop

Three Learning Advantages Designed for You

Final Capstone Project

The course culminates with a special Capstone Project that shares your business idea and explains why the world can’t live without it. Your video presentation will address some the following questions:

  • What’s the story of your business?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • How will your business make money?
  • Who are your customers?


You’ll receive guidance from a mentor who can support you and answer questions as you deepen your learning experience. You can expect:

  • Encouragement and direction on all assignments.
  • Inspiration, motivation, and confidence to help you succeed.
  • Brainstorming and ideation help as you prepare for your Final Capstone Project.

Flexible Learning

  • 100% online learning that works with your schedule.
  • Flexible format: you’ll learn through video lectures. Tune in anytime that works for you.
  • 20 to 30 hours of total instruction and course work, including engaging multimedia, simulations, and curated assignments for which you will receive guidance and support from mentors.

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What Our Students Are Saying

"This course was insightful, engaging, and organized. I would definitely recommend it to someone aspiring to be an entrepreneur because the different lesson videos and assignments evoked a sense of fun and professionalism. "

Kira, entrepreneurship student from N.J.

"I believe this course has helped me see what entrepreneurship is really about, and how businesses can have a positive impact on society and make a profit at the same time. I really liked this course and learned a lot from it!"

Nathalie, entrepreneurship student from Ecuador

Course Designed by Georgetown University Faculty

Dr. Patricia Grant | Entrepreneurship Course Instructor | Georgetown University

Dr. Patricia Grant, Ed.D.

Senior Associate Dean, McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program, Georgetown University

Dr. Grant works with students, faculty, and administrators to organize a comprehensive curricular and co-curricular experience for undergraduates. She specializes in diversity training, analytics, talent acquisition and retention, professional development, organizational development, strategic planning, and brand management.

Meet Your Mentors

Roemello | Georgetown Entrepreneurship Course Mentor


Undergraduate student at Georgetown University majoring in Business Administration.

Layla | Georgetown Entrepreneurship Course Mentor


Undergraduate student at Georgetown University majoring in Business Administration.

Patrick | Georgetown Entrepreneurship Course Mentor


Undergraduate student majoring in business management.

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