Discover Nursing and Its Vital Role in Healthcare

Nursing is a dynamic field that is greatly in demand. This online course invites you to explore the core skills critical to the profession while delving into the various types of nursing specialties including midwife, nurse anesthetist, and nurse practitioner. Identify the skills required for advanced degrees, and learn about innovations in nursing education such as using high-fidelity mannequins for medical simulations. Enjoy dynamic video lessons where you’ll witness care for a variety of patients.

Program Dates

Choose the course length that works for you: 1-week intensives, 2-week sessions, and 4-week sessions


For students ages 13 and up



Understand Nursing as a Career Pathway

Delve into Resident Nurse and Advance Practice options.

Explore the advanced tech innovations used to educate nurses. Experience dynamic video simulations of various patient treatments. Learn critical skills and their role in quality and safety.

Experience the Role of Nurse Practitioner. 

Determine what a nurse practitioner is, and compare their role in how they treat patients, versus a doctor. Experience a demonstration of their role in treating ER patients. 

Understand the Nurse Anesthetist.

Discover the role of the nurse anesthetist before, during, and after surgery. Observe a demonstration of an anesthetist in action, including determining proper intubation and anesthetic dosage.

Meet the Nurse Midwife.

Review the role of the midwife from prenatal through postpartum care, as well as newborn assessment. Experience a midwife helping a mother through her pregnancy, including postpartum complications.

Review the Critical Concepts of Nursing.

Discover acute care and alternative-care settings in nursing. Additionally, learn how nurses are improving healthcare access for under-resourced populations. Experience a tour of a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility.

Explore Degrees and Careers in Nursing.

Topics covered offer a vital background for college majors and potential careers. These include both entry-level and advanced nursing careers such as bedside nurse, nurse practitioner, and nurse anesthetist.

How You Will Benefit

  • Be able to define the many different career paths and opportunities in nursing.
  • Recognize the difference between the varied roles and responsibilities and their paths to get there.
  • Understand the essential skills/concepts as they relate to all nursing pathways.
  • Apply what you’ve learned through hands-on simulations.
  • Describe the benefits and opportunities as they relate to nursing and the future of the profession.
  • Complete a Final Capstone Project to demonstrate what you’ve learned.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion from Georgetown University.

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Three Learning Advantages Designed for You

Final Capstone Project

All online courses culminate in a Final Capstone Project that allows you to:

  • Use what you’ve learned about research and evidence-based practices to create an infographic or multimedia presentation for healthcare professionals.
  • Reinforce best practices and promote safe and quality patient care.
  • Focus on how nursing professionals can bring attention to a problem and devise a solution.


You’ll receive guidance from a mentor who can support you and answer questions as you deepen your learning experience. You can expect:

  • Encouragement and direction on all assignments.
  • Inspiration, motivation, and confidence to help you succeed.
  • Brainstorming and ideation help as you prepare for your Final Capstone Project.

Flexible Learning

  • 100% online learning that works with your schedule.
  • Flexible learning format through video lessons. Tune in anytime that works for you.
  • 20-30 hours of total instruction and course work, including engaging multimedia, simulations, and curated assignments for which you will receive guidance and support from mentors.

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Course Designed by Georgetown University Faculty

Kelli Giffin | Nursing Course Instructor | Georgetown University

Kelli Giffin

Director, Clinical Simulation Center Instructor, Professional Nursing Practice Academic Department

Kelli Giffin, MS ‘98, is an educator and a nurse innovator who manages Georgetown University’s Clinical Simulation Center. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing (1995) and Georgetown University (1998) as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In leading the Simulation Center, she focuses on developing the competencies and critical thinking abilities of both undergraduate and graduate students, building on her expertise in clinical hospital-based practice. She also works as a bedside nurse at MedStar Georgetown University Medical Center. In 2017, Giffin received an International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Simulation Fellowship. In recognition of her outstanding leadership in the field, in 2021, she received the Georgetown Women in Medicine Mentoring Award. Giffin is well-known for reflecting Jesuit principles and a Hoyas for Others perspective. During the pandemic she led a pivot of teaching methods toward developing and implementing virtual simulation learning, a change that enabled students to continue gaining skills through distance learning. Using 360-degree photos, videos, and audio files, she conceptualized and created a web-based tool to reflect simulations that had previously been conducted on campus. The simulations and supply kits were individualized based on the stage at which students were in their education. Giffin’s creativity and dedication enabled Georgetown’s nursing students to continue their studies throughout the difficult Covid-19 period. Her work has provided a powerful human element to the Simulation Lab, before, during, and after the pandemic, and her simulations are still used for clinical makeup in order to augment clinical experiences and assist with the development of critical thinking skills.

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