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Explore the field of law

Law: How to think like an attorney

You may have been intrigued by a television show or film involving lawyers and dramatic court cases. Here is your chance to see how the profession works from the inside. In this course, you will learn how to think like an attorney—how to pose the right questions, evaluate evidence, and make decisions based on fact rather than emotion. If you’re interested in pursuing law in school or want to sharpen your critical thinking skills, this course is a must.

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Explore the field of medicine

Medical Research: Evidence-based practices behind medical discoveries

Whether it’s a vaccine, a breakthrough drug or a revolutionary treatment, they all came from one thing: medical research. This course will help you understand the process researchers use to set up clinical trials and evaluate evidence. You’ll even design your own study using professional methods. If you’re thinking about a future in medicine, STEM, or pharmaceuticals, this course is for you.

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